Who We Are

We are community health centers with a mission to serve everyone who walks through our doors, regardless of your ability to pay or your insurance status. In many parts of California, our CaliforniaHealth+ centers may be the only provider of comprehensive primary and preventive health care services for you, your family, and your community.



Core Values




Find Your +

What does the plus stand for in CaliforniaHealth+? It’s all the ways we take care of every part of you and your family. With a network of health centers, each with a dedicated team of caregivers who know you and your health history, CaliforniaHealth+ centers offer primary and preventive health services, plus extra services such as prenatal care, health education, access to a nutritionist, and more.

We’re CaliforniaHealth+, and we’re the perfect place for everyone who wants or needs more from their health care.


Find your + with CaliforniaHealth+.



National Health +

In addition to CaliforniaHealth+, we have partnered with other states to highlight the "plus" their health centers bring to the communities they serve. Together, we are your national Health+ partners, bringing better health to communities where you live, work, and play. Find out how different caring for your health can be.

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